Quid Pro Quo- Latin phrase defined as “something for something”.


Mission Statement

 To protect and serve our clients to the best of our ability with unsurpassed integrity and service by creating the highest value in all aspects of each project while remaining true to our motto:





Our goal is to exceed your expectations while remaining focused on our mission statement.”

                                                                                                                         -James D. Spangler



What we do


In a word         SIMPLIFY              


We make the complex simple.  Our business is putting together the team required to successfully complete projects.  We can facilitate complete building projects or simply locate and secure property.  Our Scope of Services is based on your needs and goals.  We utilize our skills and relationships to insure our clients get the best value in each of their projects. 


We do the work required to make your project a success allowing you to remain focused on your livelihood, not learning a new profession through potentially costly mistakes.


Our motto is “YOUR BEST INTEREST IS OUR BUSINESS” for a reason, we believe it, we live it.



Services Offered


Owner Services

We provide our expertise in an unbiased manner for Owners needing assistance.  Whether you are a Professional Service Provider, Manufacturer, Church or other Non-Profit, your focus is on your organization and your business, not learning a new profession.  We provide the knowledge required to complete your project successfully providing you with the security that you attained the highest value for your investment.


Real Estate Sales

Whether buying or selling, we are the experts in commercial and industrial real estate in the Midlands of South Carolina.  Through our network of developers and other real estate professionals we can locate and market real estate effectively.



New to real estate development?  Don’t make costly mistakes that can be avoided.  By asking the right questions and putting together the right team, we can assemble the experts or locate other experienced developers within our network that are willing to work with you to successfully complete a project.


Construction Consultant

Sometimes even the experts need help.  While experienced in all phases of construction, we posses a niche of concrete construction that makes us stand out.  When faced with concrete construction issues call us for assistance.  Whether it is pre-bid, during start up or on-going construction, we are the experts in all types of concrete construction including structural, post tension, slabs, tilt walls, foundations, and decorative.  We have hands on experience which adds to our technical expertise.  We can provide training as well as in-the-field assistance.



Integrity, Service, Win-Win Solutions, and Overall Value are our benchmarks for success.  Each of our decisions are measured against these benchmarks.


We understand that our business is only as good as our word.  We honor our commitments.  Our business is centered on client service.  We are selective about choosing our clients, but once on board our clients expect, deserve, and receive the utmost care.  Our clients put great faith in our abilities and we value our clients and their trust in our abilities. 



Please call us for a no obligation personal consultation to evaluate your needs for any project.  We will listen to you and develop a plan of action based on your requirements.




James D. Spangler     Phone: 803-331-0352             Fax:  803-996-2927

                                    Email: jamesspangler@quidproquollc.com